Analyzing biological data and designing equations approximating biological function

Our laboratory seek to extract principle between biological functions and molecules by mathematically analyzing biological data.

We are enjoying the design of equations expressing biological functions using the obtained principles and physical constraints.

We link molecules and phenotype quantitatively and elucidate the biological functions as the multimodal system containing various types of signal transduction.


  • Dec 15 2018  Koyama presented his work on feature selection algorithm in ICONIP2018 (link).
  • Aug 09 2018 Lab retreat with IkedaLab@NAIST.
  • May 07 2018  New members joined.
  • April 18 2018  Collaboration work with Iwadate Lab (Yamaguchi Univ) was accepted by Physical Review E (link).
  • March 14 2018   T. Yamada’s paper was published by Scientific Reports (link).
  • Nov 6 2017   Haruki Inoue joined the lab.
  • Oct 1 2017   Lab Homepage was launched.


Our research interests:

  • Systems biology on cell morphogenesis and migration
    • System between morphogenesis and molecules regulating cytoskeleton formation and mechanical force
    • Cell taxis depending on substratum stiffness
    • Neuronal axon guidance depending on membrane potential
  • Systems biology on tissue formation
    • Cell communication and synchronization for development of vertebrates
    • Angiogenesis based on cell morphogenesis and migration
  • Data science of biological functions using machine learning and control theory
    • Molecular system identification using membrane potential time series
    • Computer-assisted diagnosis using human breath gas
    • Estimation of essential kinases using inhibitor compounds